AP Classes: Furthering Education or Stress?

Dakota Zeihen, Features

December 1, 2018

AP classes are advanced placement classes that allow students to learn at a higher level, but at what cost? There are often long nights of studying and homework involved with taking AP classes. AP classes exist so that studen...

How Do Rancho Students Feel About Mathia

Alexsis Caban, Reporter

December 1, 2018

Mathia is a modern math learning engine serviced by Carnegie Learning for students 6-12 that adjusts to student’s abilities and personalizes a learning path for them. It is most comparable to a one on one coach teaching you...

Are AP Classes Worth The Stress?

Jevin Dorsey, Reporter

December 1, 2018

Psychology. Statistics. Environmental Science. AP classes come in a variety of different subjects and boost GPA by an extra point, which makes them appealing to students nationwide. According to College Board, more than 1.17 m...

The Benefits of Spirit Week

Adam Lenk, Features Editor

November 12, 2018

At least once a quarter, Rancho Mirage High School has a spirit week. Spirit weeks are weeks where various themed activities happen around school usually meant to hype up school spirit, or to bring awareness to a specific event o...

Homecoming Rally

Mia Alexander, Reporter

November 12, 2018

This week Rancho Mirage High School hosted their annual homecoming rally with the theme being based off the film The Wizard of OZ.   The rally began with the national anthem followed by an introduction from ASB member Madison Tw...

Diana Arias: Soprano Superhero with a Heart of Eyeshadow and Highlighter

Hannah Howard, Reporter

November 12, 2018

A member of Chamber Choir and Ukulele Club, Diana Arias is a senior and new student at Rancho Mirage High School. Coming from Yucca Valley, Diana moved down to Palm Desert with her family just weeks after school began in August. ...

Getting Hype for College

Toby Bojorquez, Reporter

November 2, 2018

Ms. Mocete is one of the AVID teacher at Rancho Mirage High School. Mocete is an AVID teacher because when she was applying or looking at colleges when she was younger, she wished she had something like the AVID program because s...

Rancho Mirage’s Marching Band

Dakota Zeihen, Editor

October 26, 2018

Rancho Mirage High School offers many extracurricular activities. One of those activities is the Marching Band. In marching band, students perform in many performances showing of their band skills.  At RMHS, the marching band pe...

Upcoming College Deadlines and Important Information

Cristina Garcia, Reporter

October 26, 2018

As many of the Class of 2019 know, high school is coming to an end and college deadlines are coming up. It’s important to be aware of when certain deadlines are because if you miss one deadline it can strongly affect you from...

It’s Banned Books Week!

Hannah Howard, Reporter

October 16, 2018

This week has been Banned Books Week, an international campaign by the American Library Association and Amnesty International to promote the freedom of reading and educate people on why different literature is challenged and ou...

Homecoming Nominations

Jevin Dorsey, Sport Editor

October 4, 2018

It’s that time of the year again: all over Snapchat and Instagram students are posting their nominations for homecoming court. The voting takes place on Thursday, October 4th and Friday, October 5th, but that isn’t stopping ...