Too Much Fun

Alexia Martinez, Reporter

March 3, 2019

Many teens use their phones for many hours a day. I did some research on this topic and here are some results that I have found. More than half of teens spend nine hours on their phone (54%). Then (41%) overdo it on social media....

How People All Over the Country are Trying to Stop School Violence

Olivet Gutierrez, Reporter

February 24, 2019

We may have Seen, Heard or Witnessed a frightful school shooting. It seems like since the first grade we've been showing this depiction of our worst fear. School, a safe place for us to learn and in a split-second can change to...

Black History Month at Rancho Mirage High School

Alexis Caban, reporter

February 23, 2019

Black History Month is a period of time to reflect on what civil rights, technological, musical and athletic advances African Americans have impacted on the country. The accomplishments of Black Americans are often overlooked ...

Award Assembly

Zoe Kolytiris, Reporter

February 17, 2019

As the first quarter of the second semester is coming to an end, the planning for awards assembly is in preparation! Through the first weeks of the new year, teachers and other students help create an awards assembly celebrating...

Drug Prevention Lessons

Alexia Martinez, Reporter

February 17, 2019

Every school has different lessons for their schools. Rancho Mirage High School has bullying lessons, hero training which the active shooter, drug prevention lessons, suicide lessons. This is things that the school district think...

H.E.R.O Training

Jerseem Rada, Reporter

February 17, 2019

The HERO program is a program the teaches us how to protect ourselves in a really bad situation. It helps us also be aware of our surroundings around people. It could also help us see who could be a threat or help them. H stands...

Why Tiny Homes are the Big Solution to America’s Homeless Problem

Hannah Howard, Reporter

February 17, 2019

America is a nation that prides itself on the notion “bigger is better,” with even the youngest among us dreaming of castle-like houses and vast gardens with pristine shaped bushes. It is the picture of success, the pride...

National Counselors Week

Adam Lenk, Features Editor

February 17, 2019

Throughout all the academic and technical jobs of a high school, that of a school counselor may be the most important and stressful of them all. The work of a counselor is primarily student-based, with much of the day spent counseling...

Valentines Day Grams

Olivet Gutierrez, Reporter

February 17, 2019

Only one week until Valentine's Day! Valentine's day is a holiday where you can show your loved one that you appreciate them. Our great GSA Club was selling Valentine's Day grams all week before Valentine's Day.  The gram itself...

National Counselor Week

Jevin Dorsey, Sports Editor

February 17, 2019

This past week was National School Counselor Week across the nation, “providing lessons for life during and after high school,” according to the American School Counselor Association. It lasts from February 4 to February 8, ...

Connecting With Biological Relatives You Didn’t Know You Had

Dan Meloy, News Editor

February 9, 2019

With companies like and 23andMe emerging, more people have been connected to biological relatives they never knew they had. This can lead to multiple questions depending on what they find out; “Who are these peop...

Spirit Week Jan. 22nd though the 25th

Dakota Zeihen

January 21, 2019

Rancho Mirage High School had it’s Winter Formal Spirit Week on the week of January 22nd through the 25th.  The event was created by Rancho Mirage High School’s ASB. It is usually held to bring awareness to Winter Formal, but...