Global Warming

Alexis Caban , Reporter

One of the biggest debates of the century is climate change or global warming, and people usually ask questions such as, what is it, is it really happening and what can we do to stop it. Of course some people also stop at the first question and then completely disregard the rest of the argument, such as our current president Donald Trump.

Climate change is not what people claim it to be, it doesn’t mean every day becoming increasingly hotter but actually the gradual changes of our climate and rise of surface temperatures over years and years of fossil fuel use which release carbon dioxide and other such toxic greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Everything we do as humans attributes to this event, when you drive your car, when you build a house even if you own a cow. Polar ice caps have begun to melt which only means what we usually assume as “the end of the world,” basically, the north pole shouldn’t be turning into a desert but it is. If we have to come together as a nation to fight off the effects then what we need is proper acknowledgement and education of the phenomenon.

So if the next generation is going to have to step up and alleviate this problem do we even know what we’re against?

When asked the question “what is climate change” most RMHS students didn’t know what those words meant. The grade levels didn’t matter, the words were heard before but there was never any meaning put behind them for these students.

When told about the basis of climate change and asked what should be done about it there was still no clear answer because it is a hard subject to grasp. We usually don’t think about these types of things because it was never a problem for recent generations. Although it was hard to find students who knew about the subject when i got some they knew that climate change was based on carbon dioxide, therefore the solution should be to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from things such as factories and cars.

Trent Winters, a senior at RMHS says, “We need to make changes immediately if we want to take our planet in the right direction. Taking positive action is the only option we have left.”

We don’t know how much time we have left on this Earth so taking care of it the best we could and trying to elongate that period means educating our youth, and the responses I got from students shows it’s not likely we are prepared for anything disastrous to come. We need to take this more seriously and learn about climate change and how to slow it down or stop it.