Kimberly Perez de Luna , Reporter

What is perfection? Perfection is being free of all defects and/or flaws.

“Yes, I am perfect. I don’t think there’s a 100% universal meaning behind what exactly ‘perfect’ is. Although I may not personally see myself as what I perceive as perfect, someone amongst the 7 billion lives on earth will look at me and perceive me as their meaning perfect. If you think about it, we’re all perfect one way or another in our own unique ways”, Alejrah Cortez (11) states. In today’s society mostly everyone tries to be someone they are not, they try to fit in, but in reality, they are perfect the way they are. People always want to be who other people think they should be, they want to satisfy other people. When in reality they are just hurting themselves.

“Perfectionism lives and breathes in your fear of making a mistake”, llene Strauss Cohen Ph.D., from Psychology Today, stated. Mistakes are everywhere, there is no person that has not made a mistake in their life. Perfectionism can be health problems if you’re always trying to strike perfect.

“It can definitely get to that extent. It can lead to extremely low self-esteem and being antisocial because no matter how much you try to change, not everyone is going to like you. Personality disorders can come up too, as you are constantly trying to change yourself to fit everyone else’s idea of perfect”, Alejrah Cortez, reiterated.

There are also times where people don’t feel like they have met their schools, homes, or friends standards. Either they are too busy to spend time with other people, or they just don’t feel like they are good enough to spend time with people they think are better than them. “A lot of times due to my busy schedule, I’ve been missing time with my friends and family. It’s crazy because I know they totally understand, but I always think that I hurt/disappoint them in a way”,  says Anne Rein (12).

In reality, everyone is perfect the way they are yes, we as human beings will make mistakes, there is no way we can change that, but what we can do is make better choices and try to look at things a different way because who knows where this world is going to end up.