War: A Debated Topic

David E. Miranda Alvarez, Reporter

War, it is an interesting thing in Human nature, we never get tired of war, don’t we.
They say war changes but, the reality of it never does, let me tell you why the human suffering will always be part of war sad but necessary thing in the eyes of Politicians. What do we gain from it, new lands, more already massive amounts of natural resources or the destruction of all we hold dear. Unnecessary death is useless when all you have to gain is more death. But the war also has its benefits like faster technological developments in medicine and in bigger more destructive bombs. The reality is, that the nuclear bombs have saved us from nuclear annihilation because of its massive catastrophic ability to do massive amounts of damage to a countries economy and people. We will always be surrounded by war but, peace will one day prevail. World leaders from back in the day actually fought in wars, unlike these sell-out politicians we have in the modern day who, like to kill people for the love of money and petroleum.
I wish one day we can all come together as humans and stop the hate against each other, wishing each other death and suffering. While tension in Ukraine and Russia rise, we can all agree that the Russians will never learn from their past mistakes and so, it will lead to their country’s downfall into the abyss that is Nuclear war. We are currently living in a second cold-war which has been getting pretty hot in the past years, like the annexation of Crimea, Turkey selling weapons to Ukraine, Taiwanese and Chinese tensions, North Korean nuclear missiles. The Future of America lays in the hand if we continue our oil-thirsty warmongering ways or turn back into isolationist, we can really benefit our nation’s people if we cut the military’s budget by 70 percent and leaving NATO once and for all. Macron and his friends in Germany will really see what happens to their countries when America stops supporting their military. America should no longer be the piggy bank of Europe. Capitalism if done right, can be glorious.