Spirit Week Jan. 22nd though the 25th

Dakota Zeihen

Rancho Mirage High School had it’s Winter Formal Spirit Week on the week of January 22nd through the 25th.  The event was created by Rancho Mirage High School’s ASB. It is usually held to bring awareness to Winter Formal, but at RMHS Winter Formal has been canceled. The spirit week is used to show school spirit and get students active in their school.

The spirit week started on Tuesday, as there was no school on Monday.  It started off with Celebrity Day on Tuesday, where students were able to dress up as their favorite celebrities.  Wednesday was Decade Day, where freshman dressed up as 50s greasers. Sophomore dressed up like people in the 70s hippie.  Juniors dressed up like people from the 80s neon and Seniors dressed up in 90s grunge. Thursday was Superhero Day, where students dressed as their favorite superheroes.  Lastly, on Friday it was Meme Day, where students dressed up as their favorite meme.

The students had RMHS had mixed feeling on the spirit week and school spirit in general.  Student Nataly Romero (9) said, “It was pretty fun. It was pretty exciting, a lot of people came in customs and showed school spirit.  I had fun showing my school spirit while dressing up.”

Also, Bella Oden (9) said, “I loved dressing up, I had so much fun dressing up as my favorite meme and celebrity.  It was a cool week.”

On the flip side, student Anderson Mercado (9) said, “I don’t think that a lot of people participated. In my classes, there weren’t many students that were dressed up. I really liked the themes that they had, but the people at this school have such little want for school spirit so not many people took advantage of the fun week.”  

There seemed to be two different views on spirit week and how our school represented it.

Tiyane Skosana (9) said, “I don’t think there was a big participation because our school did not pick themes that could be easily executed.” Many other students agreed, saying it was hard to find things to wear without having to buy stuff from the store. Jennifer Vidal (11) said, “I wish our school had more spirit, these spirit weeks days seem just like normal days.  There needs to be more awareness and knowledge so that the students know of these events. Also, the students here don’t feel the need to show school spirit.”

All in all, most students felt that RMHS lacked school spirit and therefore the spirit week didn’t seem effective to them. Although, the students that did dress up said they had a lot of fun and enjoyed the experience.