Trump after Surrendering in Shutdown Standoff

Joseph Maskey, Reporter

Donald Trump finally decides to stop the government shut down after 3 weeks of government workers not being paid. He even said that he would start another government shutdown if his expectations aren’t given as expected. “On Friday, the senate and house unanimously passed the bill to temporarily end the shutdown, after which President Trump signed the bill into law” (BBC News).

Trump at a press conference
Photo from The Washington Post

Although the government shutdown is now solved as the workers are being paid, the thought of having a wall funded is still up in the air. The Washington Post stated, “Trump had insisted for more than a month that he would not let the government shutdown end without securing money for his promised wall at the Mexico border.

But on Friday, he reversed course in the face of mounting public pressure, declining poll numbers, escalating air travel delays and anger from the FBI director whom he selected. The deal struck with congressional leaders reopening the government through Feb. 15, while creating a committee meant to negotiate a border security agreement” (The Washington Post). 

However, Donald Trump posted on Twitter that “21 days goes very quickly” and mentioned that he will continue to create the wall as he promised.