Major Change

David E. Miranda Alvarez, Reporter

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Europe the land of changing times; the place that if one thing happens the entire world gets affected. After President Trump won the election right wingers started to rise up in Europe when they got over the number of times their countries got bombed by Terrorist scum. When progressives take control of a country they are bound to destroy it and it´s people nationalism. Progressivism is a political philosophy of which you want to advance in science, technology, and economic development that that country’s society can greatly gain from. But when it gets to the social organization they really do not do the best job on this topic. They like to introduce new ideas that absolutely destroy the Nation´s national identity and Nationalism. Look at Deutschland or, no I mean Germaniastan, The masses of Muslims and Afrikaans who come into Germany are changing Germany forever. Even Progressives in Deutschland say that Germany is changing and they tell Right wingers that it is a good thing. This is why the German people are becoming so anti-immigration and anti-Muslim. When so many of your women are getting raped do you think that people will just let that slide? Why do the rights of immigrants are more important than the rights of women in your own country, what type of trash is this. I myself am a women rights supporter for the middle east and in Europe so we must save them. Poland oh beautiful, Polska the land of Great people and Nationalists who will not be oppressed by any invader or enemy just like they sang in the song ¨Rota¨. These people will not be threatened by the EU or any organization who wants free borders and no Nationalism. Poland barely at all lets people from the middle east to come and stay into Poland, these people actually respect their own country’s ideals and Catholicism. A couple years ago when it was Polish Independence Day, Leftists and many progressives came out and called the Polish ¨Neo-Nazis and white supremacists,¨ how can Polish people be Nazis if they were the ones who suffered the Holocaust, mass death of Polish People because the Nazis saw the Poles as an inferior race and had ¨Impure Blood¨. It has come to the gilets Jaunes, they are people who tired of seeing human excrement on the side of the road in the once beautiful city of Paris. The Capital of France has been overrun by Muslims and Afrikaans who say that they act in pairs as they acted in their home countries. They are a public nuisance and they make masses of trash everywhere they are allowed refuge. When an Afrikaan refugee saved a boy who about to fall from a balcony they leftist media came quickly to respond and say that that was a prime example of how refugees act like. Even though there was a man who was on the top of the balcony as well that could clearly save the boy before the refugee came ¨To The Rescue¨. I know that there is a lot of peaceful Africans and Middle-Easterners who come to Europe and America for a better, more peaceful life unlike, their past lives in their war-torn countries. I wish the best for people in Europe who come from Africa and The Middle East but do not accept someone’s offer of protection and pay them back with rape and murder.