Surviving R. Kelly

R. Kelly is among many legends in the music industry, he has been known as the “king of R&B” since the early 90s. He has gained fame from songs like Bump N Grind, Ignition, I Believe I Can Fly and Step In The Name of Love but he has also been gaining a different type of attention in recent news, he has been accused of running a sex cult with barely legal women being kept in his home.

According to AJC news, “the women who live with him are forbidden to contact their families, must ask his permission to go anywhere or communicate with anyone and are required to call him Daddy.” As wild as that seems, its not even the beginning of Kelly’s wrongdoings, in fact there is so many cases of him being abusive towards women (usually of the underage variety) that Lifetime television network decided to produce a documentary called “Surviving R Kelly” with a series of interviews of his victims and stories of what people have witnessed him do.

Along with the brainwashed cult, he also has a sex tape with a minor which has actually been proven because of its surfacing on the internet, notoriety around his local high schools and an alleged romance with a very under-aged Aaliyah Haughton. Many people have shared their views on what the documentary made them feel and what they now think of R. Kelly, including internet personality “Avante” that goes by the username @branddynorwood on Instagram. He broadcasts to his 21.8k followers his love for RnB singer Aaliyah who was also very popular in the 90’s before her tragic death in 2001. It was revealed in the series that it speculated Kelly secretly married Haughton when she was only 15 years old and he was 27 and also statutory raped her on a tour bus.

After watching the first episode of the documentary Avante made a post with the caption, “I rlly do love Aaliyah so much I could cry rn.. Not at the truth coming out just the fact that she went through so much in her short life… manipulated, exploited, and she was in the industry since she was 9 years old aint no telling what happened up until she died and i just know she was hiding away so much pain.”


Aaliyah had always been a lively personality and was loved by everyone around her so the fact that a grown man could manipulate her and ruin her life at such a young age is disgusting. A witness at the very private wedding said she even looked “worried and scared” during the reception. Kelly even helped her produce her first studio album “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”, is that an allusion to what was happening behind the scenes? Social media commentators on an account called @theshaderoom have very strong and very mixed opinions on the show, some call it demeaning, false and “looking for 5 seconds of fame” and others say its the gross reality of the world we live in and Kelly should face repercussions.

But do people really think Kelly needs to face repercussions for his actions? Jose Alvarez student at Rancho Mirage High School says, “In my opinion, yes he should because sex with a minor is against the law and I feel like it’s wrong to do that because it can affect a minors mind since they might be too young for that.”

Another thing people ask is if these allegations against him are true, should his music be separated from what he has done as a person? “His music should not be separated from what he has done because if people keep listening to his music they will make him more popular and make him even more money which would get him out of trouble.”

Basically, if we act as though his music is more important than what he’s done and separate it from him then he just gets more fame and money which he can use to his own advantage. In my opinion, R. Kelly is a disgusting, manipulative pig who does not deserve to have an ounce of fame to his name. Just because he’s made good music in the past doesn’t mean he’s not a horrible person. If we let these famous people get away with things like that they were treating them as higher beings to everyone else and that they don’t apply to the same laws we do. The #Me too movement is such an important step for our society to see these victims of abuse and notice how many there actually are and how many we wouldn’t even expect.

Actor Terry Crews, known for his role as the money wise dad in Everybody Hates Chris, has spoken up about his sexual assault by a Hollywood producer and has gained a lot of negative feedback for it. We need to be more open to people like him because ignoring what they go through is what causes heavy depression and thoughts of suicide in the people we love and care about. R. Kelly is not a legend and he’s not a good person in any way, shape or form, he needs to be separated from the rest of society before he gets a hold of more innocent, young women to abuse.