Why Does it Seem Teenagers Don’t Care for Politics?

Why Does it Seem Teenagers Don’t Care for Politics?

The phrase, “I don’t know/care about politics” is a popular one used among my generation. Which makes me wonder if the older population is conditioning us to not want to care so that they control the White House while we’re left to wonder why our lives don’t seem to coincide with our grandparent’s happy childhood stories.

When a teenage possesses a strong political opinion it is more than likely influenced by what their parents have told them, although this doesn’t apply to everyone it is more than likely seen, if parents raised their child conservative then they’ll probably be conservative too and vice versa for liberals. We are only allowed to form our own views and opinions when we go on the internet and see free thinkers on open platforms informing others on specific topics. Once we interact this way though, the older generation calls us “lazy” and say we’re dependent on the internet, meanwhile, it’s our only way to find people who are open about what they think, usually not seen in the offline world due to fear of backlash. So after they disinterest us from politics after calling us lazy or internet dependent or just plain dumb they go out and vote themselves, something the majority of teenagers don’t have the opportunity to do.

I’m not saying older people shouldn’t be able to vote but the bills and laws they vote on are for our futures, not theirs. Yes, there are bills related to retirement and such that seem as though they’re for them but really when they’re gone the teenagers that had no say in voting on them are left with the repercussions. They get to go out there and vote no to universal college bills even though they graduated half a lifetime ago while we are left with student bills that will stress us and leave us broke until we’re finally their age.

The economy used to be different, jobs used to be frequent and yes the world was not kind but who says it’s gotten much better? Our first black president that openly related to the struggles of the world, replaced with a rich businessman who doesn’t seem to care about the futures of our teenagers and children (and other groups), racism and police brutality still alive, even things like school shootings becoming more frequent.

Teenagers say they don’t like politics so they don’t have to think about the harsh things happening around them, as if the stress of growing up isn’t enough for us. We are ignorant of the truth because of the fact we have been blinded to stay away from it from the greedy older generation. More work needs to be put in to educate us and teach us that voting is the only way we have somewhat of a say in what happens to us but instead we’re saying we won’t even be around when we reach 30, our depression being ignored by the same people already suppressing us from a voice in politics.

So when a teenager tells me that they don’t care for politics I know its not their fault. We have to break out of this facade created for us and open our eyes to what’s going on behind the scenes and what has been hidden from us.