RMHS Frostbite Dance Show

Mia Alexander, Reporter

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On December 6th and 7th, Rancho Mirage High School put on their annual dance recital entitled Frostbite. It was held in the HGPAC at 7 pm and tickets were only $10 a piece and for those who have venom cards, the entry was dropped to $5. The show had 100+ performers from dance classes I-IV and dance team. Mrs. Myers was in charge of the dance I-II classes and spent hours on campus and off campus preparing costumes for all the dancers. She created numerous skirts, bows, and dip-dyed dresses. Mrs.Behrens choreographed dance III-IV entitled “Money” which was a Fossi inspired jazz number where the dancers dressed a business people in blazers and ties, while a select group of technical dancers dresses up in gold sequins. Lastly, the dance team performed 5 numbers which were put together by director Anthony Vega and captains Anne Rein, Mia Alexander, Alejrah Cortez, Madison Eves, German Gomez, Avanis Ogeda and Anabel Teapila. The dances consisted of a variety of styles such as jazz, hip hop and contemporary. They also brought back their featured numbers from events such as the Homecoming Festival and previous show Fright Night. The dances were: Home For The Holidays, Coco, In The Hood, Infected and the Wizard of OZ. Overall, the show was successful and contained lots of variety and diversity.