Why the American Nation is Falling Behind in Education

David Miranda Alvarez, Reporter

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To begin with, one of the main reasons the American school system is failing is because of the lack of interest in school, from students. Students lack the will of engagement in school activities because you are stuck in a room for an hour doing the same thing over and over much of the time a student gets distracted easily in order to gain some form of sanity back.

The second reason why students are failing is that they don’t put their best of work that they can possibly give to their work in school. There should be people in schools who should motivate students to do everything at the best of their ability.

Another fatal blow to the system is the school lunch. The American school lunch is horrendous compared to other countries who have more problems. Some students say that the food taste so bad that they end up throwing it away and not eating it.  Therefore, it creates the problem that students are hungry and only wants to eat and not focus on their schooling.

Lastly, the teaching methods have to change, to stop this massive epidemic in the United States. Paper teaching methods are outdated and not really effective for today’s technologically advanced society that we live in. New and more advanced programs for education will dramatically improve the number of information students will acquire while in school. Teachers need to use technology and engage students in learning by putting fun into learning.  A student should want to learn, having the same boring lessons every day does not attract students to learn.