Phone Addiction

German Ramirez, Reporter

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Nowadays you see many people on their phones at events.  Such as family events, party events, etc. The question is, is cell phone addiction real? Yes, cell phone addiction is indeed real, as a matter of fact, our smartphones wake us in the night, interrupting our sleep. We feel anxious or naked when they are not there. They interrupt our work and our play. In the study, “Out of sight is not out of mind: The impact of restricting wireless mobile device use on anxiety levels among low, moderate, and high users”, smartphones were taken away from test subjects for 75 minutes, and their anxiety levels were recorded 10 minutes in and then at two 20 minute intervals. Heavy users showed an increase in anxiety 10 minutes into the study, and that anxiety continued to increase over the next hour. Light users showed no change in anxiety, and those in the middle showed some increase in anxiety, but it leveled off. However, there are downsides to this, things such as gaining weight, back problems, stress, and lastly disrupted sleep, which is the most common. Therefore, cell phone addiction is an actual addiction going on throughout the world.