Sports and the Impact on Students

Ruth Martinez, Reporter

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Rancho Mirage High School has many students that are involved in sports and have to go to practice for a long period of time. In doing so, it can be hard to balance both school work and sports. Some teachers believe that sports influence their student’s grades because they can’t complete their work on time because of practices. According to Brianna Serna (9) who is currently in Water Polo, “Yeah it can be hard with the practices and homework, but at the end of the day I get it done and that’s what’s important, honestly.” Brianna has a 3.0 and is considering joining more sports, including softball. According to teacher Mrs. Monson, “Brianna is a great student, she turns in most of her work on time, and she participates well in class.

Brianna encourages those students who believe that school will be hard or harder because of sports to seek out their dream of joining a sport. She believes that sports aren’t what are affecting grades, she believes that it’s the student, their emotional state, and how they possibly view their future. For some it is difficult to make friends, but many athletes think of their team not only as their friends but as their families. “Although it’s hard, I do think it’s a good idea to join a sport because you make new friends and it helps you not only physically but emotionally, too.” says Brianna. This is her way of helping herself and her future and it’s a way that can help other students as well.