How Do Rancho Mirage Students Feel About Mathia

Alexsis Caban, Reporter

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Mathia is a modern math learning engine serviced by Carnegie Learning for students 6-12 that adjusts to student’s abilities and personalizes a learning path for them. It is most comparable to a one on one coach teaching you how to complete different mathematical objectives. It is also a part of Rancho Mirage High School’s integrated math curriculum and standards. There are workspace standards to be met on specific dates to be able to prepare for what you learn in class and what needs to be improved on. Whether the teacher is Mr. Rhodewalt, Mr. Tucker, Ms. Drummond or Mr.Carmona, students at Rancho have a lot to say about this online task and it’s not usually positive. Most students in integrated math will tell you about how hard Mathia is for them and how they usually give up on it due to frustration. Even people who have completed the assigned workspaces, such as Mankirat Singh says that, “It’s kind of difficult and was challenging to me,” which shows that the people who have done what they needed to struggle through the process. On the topic of struggling, Oscar Teapila has been stuck behind the ongoing assignments and wants to try and catch up. He says, “(about Mathia) It’s a struggle, but it’s a good way to practice math, even though it’s too hard for me and I want to get help from the teacher so I can get better.” These students may have had somewhat negative views but, Mr. Rhodewalt, one of the teachers that provides Mathia as a standard, has a different perspective. Rhodewalt says he is, “thankful for it because it allows students to work outside the classroom.” Although the opinions of the students are valuable and should be heard, the school board doesn’t have any real reason to take this standard away because of its proven ability to teach students math quickly and efficiently at home. Although there are some ways a student’s ability to work can be blocked by not having internet at home or not having the time, the school’s library is open almost everyday at lunch and is a good place to focus on Mathia while also being able to use their computers and internet. Until the school board decides Mathia does more harm than good, the standard will be upheld and expected from every integrated math student.

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How Do Rancho Mirage Students Feel About Mathia