Girls’ Tennis First CIF Match

The RMHS girls tennis team had their first CIF tennis match on October 31, 2018. They had an away game and played against Rancho Cucamonga High School and lost their match 5-13.

CIF tennis

This match was their first CIF match and they sadly lost their last match. They had a great season all year, but since they lost this game their season is now over. “We all knew that we did our best, so even though we were bummed that we didn’t win, we knew we put our all out on the court and there isn’t much more to ask for than that,” says Kiara Bragg (12). One of the biggest highlights during this match was Antonella Mazzotti (11) winning her single match. “Antonella, our #1 singles player, played a tough match her second round and won in an intense tie breaker which was definitely a highlight,” said Kiara Bragg (12).

Now that the season is over, Kiara Bragg had some kind words for upcoming tennis players planning on playing next season, “To the girls who are playing next year all I have to say is that attitude is key! Sure you can be talented in any sport but if you have a bad attitude, you have nothing. Your attitude and your mental capabilities will be what puts you above other teams so you can win those titles and championships. Staying positive and building one another up (as well as improving your game) will be what sets our school apart! And I know they will do just that.”