The Benefits of Spirit Week

Adam Lenk, Features Editor

At least once a quarter, Rancho Mirage High School has a spirit week. Spirit weeks are weeks where various themed activities happen around school usually meant to hype up school spirit, or to bring awareness to a specific event or cause. Students are also encouraged to wear outfits that correspond with certain themes for the day. The objective of spirit week is to have a heightened sense of school spirit on campus. Activities like dressing up or going to school events helps to develop more school spirit.

School spirit is beneficial to students in many ways. A survey conducted by Harris Poll found that students with school spirit perform academically better than other students who have less school spirit. The survey involved 1,500 individuals who were asked about school pride, academics, and involvement in their communities. The goal of the survey was to determine whether or not school spirit has an effect on academics. The poll found that 75% of students with a high school spirit also have above average grades. While only 42% of students with very little school spirit have above average grades.

The poll also showed that 94% of students with school spirit enjoy school, where only 42% of students without school spirit actually enjoy school. Lastly the poll found that 92% of students with school spirit have meaningful and connected relationships with their peers, where only 28% of students without school spirit feel that way.

Overall having school spirit positively affects students and spirit week is just one way that we can help to build school spirit on campus. Since RMHS is a relatively new school doing activities like spirit week can help to build school spirit in students, which in turn helps students with their academics, relationships, and happiness.