Homecoming Rally

Mia Alexander, Reporter

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This week Rancho Mirage High School hosted their annual homecoming rally with the theme being based off the film The Wizard of OZ. The rally began with the national anthem followed by an introduction from ASB member Madison Twomey. Shortly after, each member of the homecoming court ranging from freshmen to juniors took a strut across the gym and posed in their pairs to greet the audience. “It was fun but also hella scary and nerve-wracking because all eyes were on me and Antonio.” expresses junior princess Melanie Mendez. Following the junior class were the nominees for senior homecoming king, each nominee being escorted by a female staff member of choice. Then came the nominees for queens also escorted by a male staff member of choice. To close off the pep rally was an ecstatic performance put together by Anthony Vega, Meggie Meyers and dance team captains essentially moving through movements recreating the movie in all its glory. The set contained each main character including: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and Evil Witch. Junior varsity cheer and dance team members were the munchkins and varsity cheer and dance team members were flying monkeys. Overall the pep rally was considered a successful jumpstart to a week of festivities!

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Homecoming Rally