Getting Hype for College

Toby Bojorquez, Reporter

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Miss. Mocete is one of the AVID teacher at Rancho Mirage High School. Miss. Mocete is an AVID teacher because when she was applying or looking at colleges when she was younger she wished she had something like the AVID program because it was very difficult when she was looking for a college to go to. She has had eight colleges come to Rancho Mirage High School and present about their schools to her AVID classes. The schools that have come to her classes were UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, CSU San Bernardino, SOKA University, and UC Riverside. The UC schools have a G.P.A requirement of 3.0 for sophomore and junior year and you have to meet A-G requirements. For the CSU schools, you must meet A-G requirements. “For other schools, they look at your overall GPA and what classes that you took during high school,” Miss. Mocete said about other colleges. Being an AVID teacher ties into having Colleges come visit the classes because the AVID program is for the students who want to go to a four-year college. “You won’t know what schools you’re interested in until you’ve been exposed,” Miss. Mocete said.

   The advice they have given the Seniors is don’t procrastinate, and just because you get into a school doesn’t mean they can slack off they have rejected students after they have been accepted because they didn’t get C’s or higher in the important classes. The kind of advice they have given the other students is that grades matter so keep your grades up. The general advice they have given all the students is for the students to look into what kind of colleges they want to go to and what the requirement are for those colleges.

   The things Miss. Mocete gets to do being an AVID teacher are that she gets to talk about all the possibilities there are out there, she likes to help the students plan goals and to work towards them, and no matter how big or small the goal is she likes to see them achieve it. The best advice Mocete can give the Seniors is to break down all the things they have to do into little tasks, giving themselves deadlines, but also enough time to accomplish them and to always talk to someone if they need help.  Teachers and counselors have a ton of experience and are here to support students. The best advice Mocete has for the lower classman is if they want to go to their dream college that grades do matter a lot. Also that you do your work well, no matter who the teacher is or what class it is, take it very seriously. Miss. Mocete’s said this about all the college visits, “It’s fun! It’s great to see how each campus has its own personality and culture.” Miss. Mocete’s favorite school so far is Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s Campus “It was so beautiful and had a calm atmosphere that I really loved.” said Miss. Mocete herself.

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Getting Hype for College