Fall Festival at Adams ECLC

Hannah Howard, Reporter

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On Monday, October 29, Adams Early Childhood Learning Center held its second annual Fall Festival from five to seven PM at its site in La Quinta. A preschool center for kids with special needs, Adams holds this festival every year to help raise money for supplies and toys. In addition to this, the festival gives parents and students a chance to celebrate Halloween in a safe environment for small children.

Adams ECLC Fall Festival

Photo by Hannah Howard

Adams ECLC, which opened just two years ago after Adams Elementary School closed, brought teachers from around the Desert Sands Unified School District to create a collective, special education preschool center. Headed by principal Maria Moore, and with programs ranging from Speech and Language to Autism, the staff holds multiple yearly events in an effort to get parents and the community involved. “They bring parents, students, and staff together to help them build relationships with one another. It helps Adams ECLC becomes a place where parents and students feel comfortable, welcomed, and respected,” said Moore. One of these events, the Fall Festival, is its biggest alongside Graduation. Not only are parents invited to attend with their children, they’re also invited to help decorate and donate items beforehand.

With doors open on the night of the event, the Adams team welcomed over a 150 people into their celebration. Food and games were available in the multi-purpose room. A pumpkin decorating center was the festival’s most popular game, along with the “haunted” obstacle course set up on the room’s stage. The library was transformed into a dark trick or treat adventure, and outside the La Quinta Fire Department lent a truck for kids to explore and learn. Costumes were abound from Disney princesses to superheroes and knights in shining armor. Volunteering at the event were students from Xavier High School and La Quinta High School. Siblings and parents all joined in the fun. Moore said, “It’s an event where kids can come and engage in activities that are age appropriate and at no cost to parents. It’s very unique and special.”