The Migrant Caravan Headed for the U.S.

Dan Meloy, News Editor

On October 12th, a group of around 200 people gathered in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to start a caravan headed towards the United States. Now, around 7,300 people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are going through Mexico, heading towards Texas to seek asylum in the United States. These are people that are fleeing from their home countries, mostly due to poverty, to try and have a better life for themselves and their children.

Trump's tweet about the caravan
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However, President Trump has been continuously opposing the caravan, calling the individuals seeking asylum “criminals and unknown middle easterns”. He has also stated that we should “blame the Democrats for not giving us the votes to change our pathetic Immigration Laws!” and that the United States will now begin cutting off or substantially reducing foreign aid that they regularly give to these countries because they were unable to stop the caravan from leaving their countries, including Mexico.

Opinions on this caravan are divided, even at Rancho Mirage High School. Ariel Resendiz (12), stated, “I think that the caravan should be allowed into the United States because it is what we were built on. As the citizens of the United States, we should welcome these people into our country. They are in need and we should help. They are looking to better their lives in a country with a lot of opportunity. However, I believe that Trump is going to try and prevent them from entering. If he deports them back to their home countries, they will most likely be forced back into the same conditions they are trying to get away from. His remarks about the caravan are from a privileged point of view as well with little to no sympathy for those in the caravan. There are much more diplomatic ways he could handle his comments.”

Alexander Lallman (12), had a somewhat different opinion to Ariel, stating, “I feel like we should allow everyone in the caravan to get a green card and run background checks on them to see if they have committed any crimes or plan to. If they check out, then we should allow them in with open arms. However, after seeing Trump’s comments, I do not think that he will allow them to enter the United States.“  With opinions on what to do being so different, what is going to end up happening still remains questionable.