Red Ribbon Week

Alexia Martinez, Reporter

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This week and last week are red ribbon week. Last week they started off with wearing red and wore hats that weren’t Rancho Mirage hats. This week on Monday people dressed up with people as twins and there was a donut eating contest at lunch. “I decided to dress up this day because it would be fun to dress up the same as my friend and plus people already think my friend and I look alike so it wouldn’t be that much of an effort.” said a Rancho Mirage student. On Tuesday students could participate in the pumpkin carving contest. “I thought that the pumpkin carving contest was cool since it’s October and it’s almost Halloween,” said a from Rancho Mirage student. On Wednesday it was Halloween so students dressed and there was a costume contest at lunch that day. “I decided to dress up today because it’s Halloween and it nice to show your Halloween spirit.” said a student from Rancho Mirage. Mr. Belliveau who helps with the ideas for the spirit week said, “The reason that they decided to do these ideas for red ribbon week was that he wanted to stick to the message of red ribbon week but at the same time get students involved. We did the dress up days because students like to dress up for certain activities on campus. So we kicked it off with to wear red because red is the symbol for being drug-free and it went together with the blood drive. We did one where you can wear hats because it means to put a cap on drugs and students like it because it is the only day that they can wear hats that aren’t Rancho Mirage hats. For twin day, we decided to that because it means like teaming up against drugs. What the try to do is that they have a slogan and how then can we come up with a dress up day for that. For Wednesday we decided that because everybody like to dress up for Halloween.”