Mobile Game Crisis

Giovanny Leon Ocegueda, Reporter

Mobile games are very modern platform for today’s standards, a simple game of tapping a screen, or a game that includes building an army. Whether you love them or hate them, mobile games today are a striving market, especially with the addition of micro-transactions and in game currency. In those games are loot boxes which the user can use in game to get exclusive items for your game. In this age it has been done on multiple games across many platforms. Growing concern has reached Belgium’s Board of Gaming and some serious trouble has raised.

Video game lootboxes
Photo by Gio Ocegueda

The Belgium Board of Gaming has recently put a ban on these loot boxes present in most modern games. These loot boxes were apparently considered a form of gambling in Belgium. In Belgium a law was passed where major mobile games of all kinds that has the user buy in game loot boxes for high prices, to stop the option to be able to buy those said loot boxes. Failure to comply could find the companies having to be forced to pay a fine up to €800,000. According to BBC, a quote from the Minister of Belgium’s Justice Branch “Belgium’s Minister of Justice, Koen Geens, was keen to focus on how children are confronted with loot boxes, calling the mix of gaming and gambling “dangerous for mental health.” This claim is the reason why some of the people in the Board of Gaming in Belgium have banned in game currencies. There has already been an outcry as gamers and streamers who can no longer buy their own currency in game are furious over this decision. Whether this decision was a good one to make for the country of Belgium is yet to be seen.