The Homecoming Pep Rally

Dan Meloy, News Editor

The Homecoming Pep Rally took place on October 15th, 2018 from 2:40 to 3, and the Dance Team and Cheer performed together. The Prep Rally itself was The Wizard of Oz themed, and the princes/princesses and the kings/queens who have been elected for Homecoming walked along the gym for everyone to see. The Dance Team/Cheer performance included individuals dressed up as a variety of The Wizard of Oz characters, including the Wicked Witch, Tin Man, etc. It was the first time Dance and Cheer collaborated together in any kind of performance, and the first time in general where two teams from Rancho Mirage High School collaborated.

Homecoming Pep Rally
Photo by Sajada Parker

When asked about how she thinks the Dance Team’s performance was and the Prep Rally in general, Senior Anne Rein Patrice Malapit, one of the Captains of the Dance Team and the Wicked Witch in the performance, said, “I think our performance went well considering that we’ve ran the whole set a couple of times and mandated practices at lunch. It was the first time for dance team and cheer to collaborate, and I think the good outcome of our dance really came from the efforts of every member. I really enjoyed seeing the different candidates for Homecoming King and Queen. The audience were really supportive of them and I loved the energy that they gave throughout the entire rally. I enjoyed the theme a lot too! It was really scary to perform as the wicked witch, especially in front of people that I usually see but it was really fun! I think future performances should include the whole performing arts and cheer. I’ve suggested before to include choir, dance, cheer, band, and color guard in one performance at least and it never really happened because all of us have busy schedules. I think it would be amazing to see that and we would be the first school ever, I think, to do such a thing.”

The other festivities that are a part of the Homecoming Spirit Week include daily dress up activities, and the Homecoming Festival, where the Homecoming King will be announced, takes place on Thursday, October 18th. The Homecoming game, where the Homecoming Queen is going to be announced, takes place on Friday, October 19th, and Homecoming itself will take place on Saturday, October 20th.