Homecoming Nominations

It’s that time of the year again: all over Snapchat and Instagram students are posting their nominations for homecoming court. The voting takes place on Thursday, October 4th and Friday, October 5th, but that isn’t stopping people from starting their campaigns early.

One person running for homecoming king is a senior football player and PLUS member Oscar Solano. “It’s senior year,” Solano said. “I’m thinking about doing some posters or something to help my campaign go a little bit smoother. Still, it’s been pretty cool. People have been sharing it on [Snapchat], so I feel pretty good about my chances.” Shaylynn Itric (12), a varsity soccer player and track athlete, is one of the many running for homecoming queen. “It has always been something that I thought looked fun and exciting to do. The thought of being crowned queen in front of a whole football stadium really sparks my adrenaline.”

As far as her campaign goes, she is ready to take the crown. “I have two really amazing campaign managers [Rita Ornelas] and [Angelica Garcia]. If by chance I get nominated, I’m going to be making posters and handing out buttons and shirts.”

These are two examples of students running for homecoming court, but there are many other candidates running. Most students are posting on Instagram or Snapchat, but others are also supporting their candidates through word of mouth.

“Telling your friends or people you know or have classes makes sense, too,” Solano says. “Sometimes it’s easier to tell people and have them tell other people than just post it on Snapchat or something and have nobody share it.” In other words, it is important to vote for these candidates to show you care about who you want to see as the different homecoming princes and princesses as well as homecoming king and queen, but to also show support to your peers who are trying to win in their respective ballots.