Upcoming College Deadlines and Important Information

Cristina Garcia, Reporter

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As many of the Class of 2019 know, high school is coming to an end and college deadlines are coming up. It’s important to be aware of when certain deadlines are because if you miss one deadline it can strongly affect you from either getting accepted into a college, receiving financial aid or receiving a scholarship. It is really important students that plan to attend college in the upcoming fall turn in what they need to turn in on time.

   College deadlines are strongly important if you plan to attend a UC or CSU school, those schools have deadlines on November 30th.  It is recommended that you should turn in your applications earlier to avoid unexpected problems that enable you to send your application in. If you plan to go to another school, or an out of state school, you can look up online when the applications are due or talk to your counselor.

   FAFSA deadline in the state of California is on March 2, 2019. The sooner you get your FAFSA done the more chances you get to receive and you will have more opportunities for financial aid. “The FAFSA is important because it determines what kind of federal and state financial aid that you qualify for. Financial aid can come in the form of scholarships, grants, and federal loans. This is especially important for students who come from low-income families because they have a greater chance of receiving more financial aid. However, you won’t know what you qualify for until you submit it,” said Anatomy teacher Yvette Mocete. Also, if you apply to get scholarships, know when the deadline is because you are missing out on opportunities to receive money for college. If you would like to apply for scholarships and don’t know where to apply, look online, ask your counselor to help guide you to apply for some scholarships or go to Ms. Hernandez in the media center.

Usually each week Ms. Mocete brings a guest speaker from a college to come to our school to educate students about their college, what they offer, and important information students should know if you plan to attend to their college. If any senior is interested to attend to one of those assemblies, talk to Ms. Mocete to sign up. Make sure to let Ms.Mocete know quickly since they only have a limited amount of students that are allowed to go. Ms. Mocete said this to seniors, “Stay organized by writing all the due dates down and break up large applications, scholarships, and task into smaller ones.  Go see your counselor if you need help figuring something out. If you can’t get a hold of them fast enough, talk to your teachers. Pass all your classes! It’s not worth not graduating! Senior year is scary because of all the unknowns but you can’t let that fear paralyze you. You always have to keep moving towards a future that you want for yourself. Even if you don’t know what it is that you want to do with your life, you need to have a plan on how to figure that out. You also need to realize that sometimes our plans don’t work out and that’s ok. It’s ok to fail and it’s ok to start over. What’s not ok is just sitting there waiting for life to happen for you. No one will save you, you have to do it yourself.”

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Upcoming College Deadlines and Important Information