Fright Night

Alexia Martinez, Reporter

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Rancho Mirage high school has been doing fright night for 6 years. The groups who are performing art dance team, dance class 3 and 4, dance 2, choir, and theater class 1 and 2. The first act was a skit on fright night. The second act was the dance ¾ they danced to get your freak on they were dressed as mummies, vampires, and zombies. The third act was a skit  about trick or treaters and they were lost then they started to die by an angel and an devil but the angel then died. The fourth act was the dance 2 came out and danced like dolls. The fifth act was a skit about the purge and they talked about how many people got killed like it was normal thing and they invited the person they were going to kill but didn’t since the purge ended to breakfast. The sixth  act was the dance team and they were dancing like zombies and attacking people. The seventh act was a skit about the headless horseman and how he can attack you. The eighth act was he wizard of oz and dance came out as the characters scarecrows and Dorothy like the homecoming pep rally then came out the a tin man and after that came out a lion. An evil witch came out and after awhile they melted her. They celebrated that she was dead.The ninth act was a skit about two girls who had ghost in there houses and how they are always with them. They talked about they felt  lonely. The tenth act was coco and some of the dance team was dressed in Mexican style. They also danced to Cardi B. The eleventh act was the theater ⅔ where they had to wear ID ‘s and people came out in black masks fighting the people with sticks. The twelfth act was a skit about Casper the friendly ghost and how his uncle’s are scary and he doesn’t have many friends because of them. The last act was selections from little shop of horrors by the RMHS choir they came out in gold, green and red.

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Fright Night