Choir’s 2018 Introduction Concert

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The Rancho Mirage High School Choirs had their first concert of the 2018-2019 school year on September 27. The choirs that performed were Concert Choir, Reflections, Chorale, and Chambers. “We have a really great four choirs and they been working harder than we had in the years past” said Choir Director Andrew Eisenmann.Choir Show 9/28/18

Many people showed up to the choir concert. The first choir to perform was Concert Choir, and after was Reflections, Chorale, then Chambers. Each choir performed 2 songs for their performance. No one is perfect, and just like everyone else people mess up. In Reflections first song “Sih’r Khalaq” they messed up but still kept going to finish their performance. “My favorite part was seeing when my one choir messed up a song, seeing how all the other choirs gave them a standing ovation and supported them.. I think the choir kids put that spin on it that was my favorite part, it had nothing to do with music it was kids supporting other choir kids” said Choir Director Andrew Eisenmann. After reflections sang their first song, they sang a song called “Roller Coaster Ride” and everyone in the audience was amazed on how well they did in the second song.  

Choir Show 9/28/18

Photo by Jaime Svetich

The last song of the night was “Northern Lights”, which is a classical piece that was sang by Chambers. As the Chambers choir was singing, the stage crew gave the stage a lighting effect, which made it seem like the audience was actually seeing the northern lights. After their performance everyone was amazed on how well the choir did and how the stage looked during the performance. “It was one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever had… all in all success two thumbs up” said choir director Andrew Eisenmann.

The next choir concert will be on December 19, and they will have a dinner that culinary will be cooking. Tickets will be $10 which will include dinner and the concert. Tickets are online on