Rattler Report Online Appoints First Editors

Dan Meloy, News Editor

Editors were chosen for our new Rattler Report website on Monday, September 17th. Interviews to become an editor were completed last week, with the editors chosen by Journalism teacher Ms. Jenann Elias, the current editor-in-chief Alissa Nicholson, and assistant editor Emily Llamado. The website editors include Dan Meloy (news), Dakota Zeihen and AJ Lenk (features), and Jevin Dorsey (sports). There are a couple photo editors in training as well.

These people will be in charge of making sure their section of the website is arranged correctly and that the articles posted are appropriate and follow the Journalism Style Guide. Since the Rattler Report website is student run, the editorial team must take the full weight of ensuring that everything posted is school appropriate.

Some of our editors for 2018-2019
Photo by Dan Meloy From left to right: Dakota Z., Olivet G. (photo editor), Dan M., and AJ L.

When asked about the editorial interviews and how she chose the editors, Elias said, “I think they went really well. Not everyone who applied showed up, and I think that shows a lot. Everyone that applied and showed up did a really good job, and we were really impressed. The interview and previous experience were important as well as wanting to learn new things. For example, AJ was very passionate and interesting in his interview, but didn’t have background experience. So, we were interested in still picking him, so we are giving him a shot based on his passion and creativity in the class. Same some of the other editors; they may not have experience necessarily or a lot of previous writing experience, but they are very passionate so we’re gonna give them a shot.”

She was also asked about the editors in general, such as if she thinks they fit their positions well, if they’ll be able to keep up with all of the articles every

week, and how much power these individuals will have over the website, saying, “some people were moved from what they applied for based on how well we think they will do in a certain position. For example, based on Dakota and AJ’s interviews, we put them together as Features co-editors. Again, this is the first year we have had these types of positions and this work load. Assuming all teams actually do their work that would mean that every editor would have approximately ten articles to look at in a very short amount of time. I think that after the first couple of editorial meetings they will able to figure out which articles are quality work and which ones are not. I am hoping that these editors will prove to be responsible young adults with the power they yield, but I am trusting the editors with a lot of power over the publication.”

The editors will be meeting every week to discuss about the website. If you are interested in becoming an editor next year, sign up for Journalism I!