Review: New Edition to the Forza Series: Horizon 5

Daniel Villalobos, Staff Writer

Moving into Mexico from Great Britain that’s where this new forza video game takes place. There has been a vastly different environment compared to the previous Forza Horizon 4. From lush green environments taking the whole map, Forza Horizon 4 takes a step in a whole new direction with lots of big deserts to jungles and white sand beaches. From playing both games myself Forza 5 is way better but that’s just an opinion. The cars have changed drastically as well from not that many classics to loads of them. The tuning for your cars as well has received an update. Vehicle customization has had a new depth added to it with much more parts and tuning options. I got the game last Tuesday and since then have been playing it alot. 

The races have been far improved in this latest installment as well with dirt racing being a small thing in the 4th to now being one of the main features on Forza 5 due to Mexico having lots of desert landscapes. A few things remain the same such as the elusive Toyota AE86 Trueno still being one of the rarest cars to acquire in the entire game. I was very fortunate enough to get it through a wheelspin in the game and can confirm the car lives up to its elusiveness. Speaking of wheelspins they’re back and basically the same but the excitement to see what you get will never get old. 

That’s about it in this article since the game is new and new content is sure to be added very soon when content updates drop.