A Closer Look at Mr. Borden Biology Teacher

Joanna Rojo, Staff Writer

The other day I interviewed one of the teachers here at Rancho Mirage High School. His name is Mr. Borden and I feel lucky that i got a chance to get to know a little more about him. Mr. Borden attended the University of Southern California (USC), and received his undergraduate degree in sports medicine. However, he did change his major a few times. In the end he stuck it out with the degree in sports medicine. When he was a kid he wanted to be a doctor, but since both of his parents were college professors, he decided to follow in their footsteps and become a teacher. 

He has been teaching here at RMHS since the beginning, which would make this year his ninth year here. Overall however he has been teaching around 27-28 years. The reason he is now here at RMHS isn’t just  because he didn’t really like the administration at Cathedral City Highschool (CCHS) . He also really liked Dr. Wagner, who was the Principal at RMHS when Mr. Borden was first hired here. When he had heard him speak about the students, he knew he had to teach at this school.  Mr. Borden knew he really cared about the kids and what was right for them. He has many kids that he teaches, and knows he’s made a huge impact on students’ lives. He knows this because there is pretty much no place he can go to that he doesn’t get a hug from former students. He additionally  greatly enjoys the classes he teaches, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed for as long as he has. Borden said, “If I  didn’t really like what I was doing and like the subject matter. I would switch out of it but I  love helping kids with life science.”

He believes there’s a lot of pros of RMHS and the fact of the school being so nice helps it even more. He says he loves how we have a college-like campus. We also have some very good teachers here compared to other schools. When he came from CCHS, Dr. Wagner pulled twenty of the best teachers from Cathedral City and about ten from Palm Springs. However, he believes there are some cons such as inconsistency of rules and the administration are laid back. While this could be a con, he  believes in students’ independence and freedom. He wishes they could lighten up a little bit more on the hat policy, and maybe even some shirt policies because he believes kids have a right to show their individuality. He also thinks that the students who are going off to college should get away from their parents. Mr.Borden says that, “they should move at least an hour away from their parents. To go see what it’s like to live alone and then be independent. You’re gonna go back but these are like baby steps out of the nest. You gotta fly a little bit first before you can just fly away.” Even though he loves teaching, he is also a real estate broker as well and he has his own crypto currency mining business. However, he believes nothing else would be as fulfilling as being a teacher and helping the next generations. Overall it was a pleasure to interview Mr Borden, and learn all about his experiences!