Review: “Breaking Bad”

Jason Guerra, Staff Writer

“Breaking Bad” is a show praised and known as the best TV show of all time. So, I decided to give it a try and I have to say, It didn’t disappoint. The premise of the show is a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer, begins to cook crystal meth as a way to provide for his family even after his death. At first, the premise of the show doesn’t seem all that interesting, and the show is a little too slow in the first few seasons. This is not a show that I would recommend to someone that doesn’t have much free time, however if you can commit to it I highly suggest you watch it.

I love how well-made the action scenes are made, even if there are not many of these scenes. The writers and producers really put some thought into the action scenes. I also loved how well the characters in this show are developed. For example the protagonist,Walter White, goes from a half alive man that could never hurt a fly in the beginning of the show, to a total cold blooded drug lord at the end of the show. This show also portrays something that a lot of other TV shows fail to do, which is how a regular person that has never killed anyone would react to having to kill to survive. For example, when the protagonist killed for the first time, he broke down crying and was terrified, which is a scene that I liked a lot because of the humanity of it. Additionally, it surprised me because “Breaking Bad” is a show about drugs, so you would expect killing to be a regular occurence, but this gave it a more realistic feeling. 

Another little thing that I appreciate about this show is the mysterious introduction scenes, that you would think have no meaning to them. However, at the end of each season or episode those seemingly random starting scenes end up correlating to the full story. For example, in Season 2 at the beginning of every episode they would show a half burnt pink teddy bear. For most of the season it didn’t have meaning, it was just a burning teddy bear. But, we later find out that the teddy bear meant much more, and was a result of the actions of Walter White. Overall, this show is not perfect. There are many extremely stressful scenes, like whenever Walter White is dealing with his wife after she found out he was a drug dealer, which made the show so hard to watch. Another problem with the show is that there is a lot of meaningless dialogue meant to develop the characters. However, the writers made the dialogue very uninteresting and quite frankly boring to watch. 

 To sum everything up,  this show is nothing short of a masterpiece for me. The amazing storytelling that sucks you in, and how you can be entertained without any action happening. All of this made this show worth my while, and I would totally recommend it to someone that has knack for storytelling.