Review: Unfortunately Not a Guy Exploding Through a Table with John Oliver

Clive Fernandez, Staff Writer

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is a show that airs every Sunday at 11 PM on HBO. The host, John Oliver, at the beginning of the show, goes into the political or societal issues of the week prior, putting on his own comedic spin. Continuing off from that, he deep dives into a specific topic, ranging from things like homelessness, voting rights, or Taiwan. Personally, I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys political commentary or satire. It has that perfect Daily Show-esque style of comedy with a sort of British self-loathing sprinkled throughout, which of course, can only be expected from someone who once worked at the show.

Now, not only is it funny, but it’s also extremely informative. Oliver and his team of writers and researchers spend days upon weeks constructing a show that is thoroughly fact-checked and researched. I believe that this is what separates “Last Week Tonight” from other late-night shows. Other shows barely scratch the surface when it comes to speaking about topics from the week, but Oliver manages to meticulously deconstruct the events of the week in an utterly ingenious fashion.

As you can probably tell, I have a huge love for this show and the information and laughs it brings me almost every Sunday. Now, you may not be entirely interested in this show. Maybe you don’t enjoy the politics side, or just aren’t interested in the type of humor Oliver delivers. However, presumably if you’re a high school student reading this, I believe it is important for people in my generation to get into politics at a young age, so they can better understand the way the world works.

Also, what I think is also important is how Oliver also approaches the internet. For example, you may not get HBO at home. Guess what, it’s not a problem. Each segment of the week’s episode is uploaded to YouTube. Many late-night hosts have not yet embraced the internet as the future of entertainment, which is somewhat naive, because it basically is. However, “Last Week Tonight” welcomes the internet with open arms. This is huge for us teenagers, because we almost always use the internet in favor of television. (Of course, this is just from my own personal experience of asking around.)

So, finally, “Last Week Tonight” is a show that I believe will be something we look back at after it ends because of its popularity, its political commentary, its biting satire, and its comedic brilliance, along with other shows such as, Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”, David Letterman’s “Late Night”, or Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show”. All of these shows have been hailed as outstanders in their field, and I truly believe that “Last Week Tonight” could just as easily join the ranks of these innovative and comedic powerhouses.