World War II Bomb Explodes in Munich, Germany


Photo by Christof Stache / AFP – Getty Images

Jason Guerra, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, December 1st, 2021, a World War II bomb exploded in Munich, Germany. The bomb was discovered in a construction site near a busy railway. Due to the rubble and smoke, the explosion resulted in the suspension of  nearby stations.  The explosion also injured four citizens, one of them being badly injured.

German authorities are baffled as to how the bombs went undetected. The construction site was examined beforehand. Explosive Experts and authorities also informed CNN that “there is no danger outside the immediate area.” Nearby railways were stopped for the remainder of the day. Operations began normally the next day after some clean up from the debris.

Bombs in Germany are not uncommon, as roughly 2000 tons of bombs and ammunition are found every year in the country even after WWII, seventy years ago. This is not the only incident that happened in Munich. In 2012, a huge explosion lit up the skies of the city, causing millions of damage in euros. This was caused by a five-hundred pound bomb that was deteriorated. Additionally, in 2015 a one-thousand pound bomb detonated in Munich. The explosion left a three meter deep hole in central Germany.

Oftentimes, not all bombs ended up being detonated by accident.  Most bombs end up being detonated or defused by authorities with controlled explosions. However, there are some bombs that are too much of a risk to not evacuate, such as a British bomb that was found in Germany in 2017 called  “Blockbuster” which required an evacuation of 54,000 thousand people in a radius of 1.4k.