Fright Night 2019

Jake Conant , Reporter

Tonight is the Rancho Mirage High School’s annual Fright Night. Fright Night  is a combination of multiple performing arts such as Dance, Choir, and Theater.  As the name suggests, the event has a spooky Halloween theme.  Two performances placed at the end of a Halloween themed Spirit Week makes it the bang to an already spooky week. The performances are scheduled for Thursday October 24, and  Friday October 25 in the Helen Galen Performing Arts Center.  The performances are set for 7 PM and tickets will cost $10, or $5 with a Venom Card.  Everyone is encouraged to come, not just students, but also their family and friends, really anyone who loves the performing arts. 

Fright Night starts with an amazing performance by the Singing Rattler choir who sang a medley piece from Jekyll and Hyde.  The performance was conducted by a RMHS student Yuni Mora (12) and it included a solo by Charlotte Hansen. This performance was finished with a huge round of applause. After the stage crew cleared the choir stands off the stage the audience received the first of several connected skits, like “I caught an Alien” which portrayed RMHS student Aubrey Robinson as a soldier who had captured an alien but the alien promptly escaped.  

This was followed by the first dance team performance titled “Willow’s Weep” which had three songs in it.  After that we received our second skit titled  “My Friend The Alien” featuring Ashlee Fortenbach making friends with the fugitive alien.  Then Dance put on their second performance “Like Sugar” with music by Chaka khan.  Following that, we see the skit “Planning the Raid” which had Julianna Guzman explaining her plan for an Area 51 raid. 

Shortly after that we were able to see the dance team perform “Moana,” which you got a sneak peek of if you attended Halloween Spirit Week events on campus.  Then we received our final dance piece titled “Elddansurin.” This segwayed into two skits, the first “An Alien Stole My Beer” which was comedic sketch featuring Victoria Jimenez as a hillbilly explaining her encounter with aliens that she believes they have been stealing her beer.  The second skit was called “Raid on Area 51,” performed by Advanced Theater. This was a more serious skit in tone, and had the students fighting over an alien at Area 51. 

Wrapping the night up nicely, the Symphonic Band performed a spooky set with music from some notable scary movies.  This was a great performance by the band, and it was the first performance Dr.  Brain McDaniel had done with these students. Overall, Fright Night was a spooky success.