RMHS Girls Golf 2019 Season Spotlight

Everyone knows about some high school athletics; most people talk about football, basketball, and maybe soccer. But hardly anyone talks about golf. Some say it’s because they think golf is boring or that golf isn’t a sport. Some people don’t even know what golf is in general! Golf is like any other sport, it’s unique in its own way. And at RMHS, the girls golf can be very interesting. The girls golf team uniform is black shorts, an RMHS T-shirt specially made for the girls team, golf skirts, and sometimes they can choose to wear the longbranch with a shirt. They have practice on Monday to Thursday every after school from 3 o’clock to 5:30. They have games during the season whenever the coach agrees to compete against another high school. 

On the girls golf team, there are ten players. The coach is very helpful; he knows every player’s weakness and strength. They are all supportive with each other and whenever one has a game; not to mention so is the family. The real question is; how does one play golf?  Golf is probably the only sport where you need to be scoreless, and low scores are good. Although, you do need to have strategy and ability. Some say that in golf it’s technically like competing with yourself even though there are others you compete with. 

Lehapi Taungahihifo Veikune (12)  has played for 3 years in the RMHS girls golf. “In the second year of me playing golf, I got into CIF ( California Interscholastic Federation) but I never made it to the second round” said Lehapi. She mentioned that she went through multiple challenges and that she learned from it and because of that she improved little by little over time. “My challenges were Not being able to hit the ball straight, not being able to read the green slope, playing with people with people who had more experience than I do, and facing many challenging people” said Lehapi.

Even with  many challenging people she didn’t give up; she mentioned that “Remembering what my parents go through just for me and always thinking that every ball I hit is me getting new opportunities for me to have a good life and positive thinking to try to be a good player.” All of that really got her into it; she achieved  multiple metals throughout the years of playing golf and facing new challenges every time she plays is what she enjoys doing, especially because the people who supported her through it witnessed her live her dream.

“I would recommend others to play golf but it’s a game where you need to be smart mentally and psychically and second if you don’t love the game you won’t be good at it,” Lehapi states. “My advice for new coming players is to try to think positive, always aim at the middle, and think of every shot as an opportunity. Try to have fun and love the game, because that’s the only way you know it’s worth playing the sport” says Lehapi. It’s clear to say that girls’ golf is not boring; but more of a game where you face challenges and achievements that make it worth playing.