What does it take to play Softball for 12 years?

Getting a look into the life of an athlete can be very interesting for sports people. Porschea Miranda (12) has been playing softball since she was five years old, all around the valley. She has been on different teams with different coaches and has got a taste for the different methods and tips given to her over the years to make her the best athlete she can be. Porschea plans on continuing with her sport this school year and playing for the team on campus. Porschea says, “ I have always had a love for softball, and learning came naturally to me. I love the girls I get to play with and having fun on the field. Creating memories to last a lifetime while doing what I love with friends I am growing closer to is something I am very grateful for.”

Porschea originally started playing softball from a very young age, just to have some fun and ended up having a deep love for it and pursued it for the years to follow. At times she says, “It was hard to continue in the programs because it got very expensive as I got older and took the sport more seriously. Especially growing up with an older sister and a new baby sister, it was hard for my parents to afford it year after year. But they knew how much I loved it, so we fundraised and saved money one of the years that we were really struggling and I am so happy we did, without softball I would feel horrible not being on the field with my girls.” Despite the struggles Porschea had so much dedication that even when she was young, she tried her best to find a way to stay on the field.

Porschea has immense dedication and has religiously played this sport year after year with no break in between. To me this is shocking because most children and young teens do not take much seriously or have this much dedication and love for something as they are growing into the person they are becoming. Being stressed with deadlines, and changes within yourself can take up the majority of your time but Porschea did not let that interfere with her sport and made time. She currently has all A’s and plans on going to college on a softball scholarship. Her story is inspiring and many of her team members look up to her for how good she is at her sport, and the time and energy she has invested to be her best and perfect her skill. Porschea says, “ I can not wait for the season to start at school, the away games are my favorite because the girls and I have so much fun on the bus rides.”