Social Media Trend: Tik Tok

TikTok is a social media video app teens mostly go on. These videos are mainly fifteen second lip sync, comedy, and talent videos to entertain people. It was first known as “” in 2014 but in August of 2018 Bytedance decided to merge both apps together, then changed into as you know now “TikTok.” Since the apps have merged there’s more creativity you can add to your videos such as stickers, filters, and effects. As TikTok has been growing it has gained more popularity and has over one billion users.

Using TikTok is a good fun way to express yourself on social media . A lot of these people who are making videos are just being themselves. There’s many different people who are honestly just looking for a good laugh on this app. A TikTok star named “Avani Gregg” is makeup artist who expresses herself in her videos with makeup. She has spent over four hours making one video, this shows how much creativity and passion a person can put into their videos. Depending how much time and effort you can put into your videos you can make money out of it. Certain companies can pay TikTok influencers about $200 to $20,000 on just one video, whether it’s advertising a product or game or simply wearing a specific clothing item.

Most people spend hours on their phone just on TikTok which is unbelievable, it’s more so an entertaining app. Me and my friends can be on our phones for about two hours watching and sending each other TikTok videos. Since we’ve been able to access social media on our phones people have spent way more time on social media apps, and TikTok is one of them. We simply just go on social media because it’s so entertaining and fun to watch. There’s so much going on in the world that we are missing out on because of our phones.

Sometimes social media isn’t so good. As much as we can use it as a good thing to help spread awareness and give out good messages, we can also use it as the exact opposite. TikTok is full of people who want attention for a bad reason. We can use social media as a getaway from the world to just simply laugh at something or express ourselves but there’s so many people in the world who always ruin it for others. We should use TikTok as a fun app to express ourselves, help others, spread awareness and positive messages.