(Better) Vending Machines

The Rancho Mirage campus has many students who may get peckish during school hours. Some students will get snacks before school starts, or just starve until lunch. Some students will not even eat lunch and rely on snacks all day. While we have a student store to get many different delicious snacks from, not everyone likes the snacks there, and it’s only open at certain times. Some want to get snacks before lunch can’t, due to there being no stores in their way, or they do not have time to stop at a convenience store. And when the student store isn’t open, there isn’t any other option on campus right now.

A solution to this problem is to install vending machines around campus. If vending machines are installed in the buildings students can no longer starve and have energy during class. Some may say, we already have vending machines so installing more isn’t necessary, however, they are located only in the 500 building, they only work after school hours, and they only serve Gatorade products. The vending machines that would be installed, will be filled with snacks like cookies, chips and energy drinks.

If vending machines are to be added to the school, a ballot could be used to decide what snacks could be put in the machines. Also, if vending machines are installed then the school can obtain more money, which will be great for ASB funding, after all the school should also be benefiting from the vending machines. If a teacher needs to satisfy their hunger during their prep period they can just go into the halls and get a quick snack and go right back to their class, quick and easy. However, I do believe security guards in the building are going to need to occasionally check the vending machines, because some may try to steal snacks from the machines.

Overall, the idea of adding vending machines to the school campus could bring more benefit than cost. If energy drinks or coffee are an optional snack, then students and teachers who have trouble staying awake throughout the day or during class, can buy a quick drink to keep them awake and focused in class.