Hoco Spirit Week

The week of homecoming is such an exciting time to experience in high school. Many people spend so much time preparing to participate in these fun activities such as the pep rally, spirit week, the football game, and most importantly the homecoming dance. Seeing people having so much spirit is always fun to see what people wear and dress up as. This year’s homecoming theme is Polynesian themed which is very tropical and breezy during this time of year. As you walk around the school’s campus you see so many people dressed up in many different attire during the week.

Spirit week is always fun it’s not only students but teachers and staff could participate in it as well. Day one for spirit week was Tropical day which you could wear Hawaiian shirts and flower necklaces. The second day was beach day, you could wear flip flops, swim shorts, beach hats, and beach dresses. On Thursday was royalty day, students wore crowns and tiaras. Lastly, there was Fang Friday, we could wear our Rancho Mirage High School gear to represent our school.

This week’s pep rally on Tuesday was very thrilling to watch. Choir did an amazing job singing the National Anthem and the Rattler Song. Esmeralda Gonzalez a choir student said they prepared many ways before the pep rally. “To prepare for the pep rally we practiced singing the National Anthem as a class with the band student’s to get a feel of how it would be performing.” The dance performance was amazing to watch. They danced to How I’ll Go and You’re Welcome from the Disney movie Moana, and wore Hawaiian skirts. The dance first started soft and then turned into a more upbeat performance. Other then that the cheer team did an outstanding performance that went along perfectly with the homecoming theme.

The day before homecoming at lunch was basically a recap from the pep rally on Tuesday. On Friday we saw the marching band perform and walk around the campus during lunch. The marching band played many different songs. After, the cheerleaders performed right next to the cafeteria. ASB then performed a mini dance to the students and staff. Soon, after the celebration at lunch there was an exciting homecoming proposal right after. People lined up leaving a walkway for the girl being asked and waited a couple minutes until she showed up. Sure enough she said, “yes.” As she was replying all you could hear was the whole crowd cheering and clapping for joy. The dance on Saturday started at 8:00pm and ended at 11:00pm. People would go wild and go crazy during the most exciting songs. When you would walk into the gym entrance you would see pillars lighting up in vibrant colors, when you look at your right there was a sunset billboard to take pictures, and onto your left there were people giving out snacks and drinks. The DJ mainly played music you would hear on the radio. Irie Cervantes says, “I felt happy and was glad to be there with my friends. Honestly it’s better going with friends then worrying about a date.”