RMHS Homecoming and Pep Rally of 2019

On Saturday night, it was Rancho Mirage High School’s Homecoming. This Homecoming was where all grade levels were welcomed to attend the event.The event was full of music, colorful lights, decorations, and photo booths were all Hawaiian-tropical themed. A lot of teenagers dressed in formal clothing and most said that it was fun getting all dressed up and excited for this event. But before going inside the dance, students needed to wait outside for identification to be able to go inside.

Like in all dances, there were multiple people dancing and having fun with their friends. Some students were saying that this one is the best one they were been to so far. The music was motivating especially when they brought back the oldies which made a lot of students jump, dance and having a great time. “ The music taste was a lot better than last year” said an RMHS student. Although, most some people complained that they couldn’t give a music suggestion. There could have been better improvements for any future dances like food and drinks. It is a dance after all, there should have been more than just water.

Now, the decorations and theme could have been improved as well. There was a photographer taking pictures of students to remember this night but there could have been a bit more decorations. What most people dislike about this was that they had to pay 20-25 dollars for the entrance when there was no snacks or beverages. They could have sold some during this event. But after all that, Most students had a great time with their friends, dancing to the music and being silly and that’s all that really matters.

On Tuesday October 8, we had a pep rally where Rattlers of all grade levels gathered up to cheer on the event. When you first walked in the gym, there were cheerleaders jumping up the crowd while you walked inside. Once you found a seat in the bleachers, our Rattler band played music while everyone waited for the rally to begin. When the rally finally began, the dance team got in position to get ready for their dance. Their dance was Hawaiian themed to match our Spirit Week theme. A lot of people were amazed by their dancing, and most even said that they were better than last year’s dance team. Afterward, the cheerleaders had their own performance for everyone to watch. Their performance was mind blowing and a bit dangerous but it was great. After all the performances, the homecoming king and queens showed off as well. Finally, the event was over and the band played their music once again as the closing.