An art teacher with wonderful journey

Have you ever wondered what the teacher’s life and goals are? Mr. Bresson is a teacher at Rancho Mirage High School, but he’s not just any teacher. Mr. Bresson is an art teacher, but what were his motivations and challenges to get him where he is today?

Before becoming an art teacher, he went to design school to learn more about fashion and design. “I finished design school and then I was working for a designer and launching my own line and then I kinda just did my own thing” said Mr. Bresson. After his journey of being a designer, he went back to school at Cal State University Los Angeles to get his teaching credential; but what inspired him to become a teacher? “My children actually, and it’s strange, it wasn’t about the working to teach but it was really about being on the same schedule as my children so I can spend as much time with them as possible,” said Mr. Bresson.

Mr. Bresson was an art teacher at another school before joining us here at RMHS.  His previous school sadly eliminated their arts program in 2011. So he searched for another school district to work at. “I started interviewing at Palm Springs Unified School District and then they hired me that year.” Although it wasn’t his plan or choice, he was excited to start teaching here in the desert. “Life has a funny way of steering you in a direction that is probably the least liner that you can image” Mr. Bresson explained.

His life brought him multiple challenges, but how did he manage to get through it all? “I always think that it’s great to set yourself up with a plan, I think it’s also great that you be flexible in that plan, so be flexible because you’ll never know where life will take you” said Mr. Bresson.

As a teacher in general, he takes education very seriously. He sees education as a vehicle to move forward. “I think without education you’re walking into the twenty-first century blind” quoted Mr. Bresson. So, what’s Mr. Bresson advice? “Don’t give up, go to school, and try your best even when it’s hard” said Mr. Bresson.