A walk through the life of Mr. Bresson

One of our art teachers here at Rancho Mirage High School is Mr. Bresson. But many might not know of Mr. Bresson’s background or his innate art talent. Mr. Bresson has always had a passion for art, although that wasn’t his first career move. Bresson was a stay at home dad for roughly 10 years before he became an art teacher here at RMHS. He previously worked in an art gallery, and had his own fashion line for 10 years. Mr. Bresson has been with us for six years and says “The kids that I teach are what really inspire me to teach art.” 

Mr. Bresson originally grew up in San Diego, CA and got his undergraduate degree in biological sciences.  He said he realized he loved other subjects when his sister was crying because she was really struggling at math and he was helping her figure it out when he realized the most valuable piece of advice he could offer her, and his other students to this day, is that “you don’t have to be perfect.” Bresson said, “ My parents are doctors, so I have always been motivated.” If he wasn’t teaching art, Bresson explained he would teach marine biology because he really loves science, and all subjects as a matter of fact, but he made it clear that he is very passionate about art education.

When Bresson was asked how he deals with difficult students and if it gets frustrating, he humbly replied with “I do not judge on their art skills, most students are artistically skilled in other subjects such as dance, or band and even art itself. It is the personal integrity that counts to me.” 

Outside of school, Mr. Bresson is very much of a “homebody” as some may say. Hobbies that interest Bresson are cooking, he says he is a big foodie. He also likes to decompress at the end of a long day by watching the sunset, watching clouds and being in nature. Sounds very peaceful and seems to be an excellent way to decompress and unwind after a long day educating high school students. After getting deep into the life of our beloved Mr. Bresson, we can all take a second from our day and remember “you don’t have to be perfect.”