Boys’ Basketball First Playoff Game

German Ramirez, Reporter

The Rancho Mirage High School varsity basketball team, finishing with a Desert Empire League record of 3-7 as well as finishing second to last in their league, miraculously made the Southern Section CIF playoffs! The Rattlers had an extremely tough league this year; a new league that was created with the sole purpose of creating an environment with the most competition and the most competitive high schools the Coachella Valley has to offer. Their schedule consisted of powerhouse schools such as Palm Springs High School (8-2), Palm Desert High School (7-3), and Shadow Hills High School (7-3). However our boys basketball team persevered and were able to make the CIF playoffs!

They played in their first round game on the road against Covina High School on Friday, February 8 at 7pm. The Covina Colts had an overall record of 19-8 and the Rancho Mirage Rattlers had an overall record of 18-10 leading up to the game, making the contest as competitive as it can be for a first round game based on both teams’ records. The Rattlers started the game off strong, as they were up 13-9 halfway through first quarter.

Nevertheless, the 1st quarter ended, Covina made a small comeback, and it was all tied up with a score of 20-20. The Colts built on that comeback during the second quarter, and by halftime Covina had built up a lead of 43-32. The second half told the same story unfortunately, and everything came to an end extremely fast. The final score was 57-77, with the Colts coming out on top over our Rattlers. It was a tough run for the Rattlers all season, but our team fought week in and week out and took on a tough team in their first playoff game.

Senior Rodrigo Jacquez said, “it was really tough for me to get in the paint. They were a strong team and it just wasn’t enough to put a few points on the board here and there. However, I want to thank everybody who came out to support, and I hope next year things turn around for the better.”