Athlete Spotlight: Zoe Kolytiris

Jevin Dorsey, Sports Editor

If you know about Rancho Mirage High School tennis, there’s a strong possibility you know about Zoe Kolytiris. Only a junior, she has already had thirteen wins in five games this season and is looking forward to helping her team go on another run to the CIF finals for the third year in a row.

She has been placed in a leadership role this year and has high expectations after losing their unquestioned leader and four-time De-Anza league singles champion Tatiana Harvey, but Kolytiris isn’t fazed. She is ready for the challenge and has been prepared for this moment since she began learning how to read and write.

“I started playing tennis when I was 5,” Kolytiris says, “but I would say I began taking it seriously when I was 13. That’s when I started doing tournaments.” Ever since then, tennis has become second nature for Zoe. Countless hours of hard-work, dedication, and a natural gift of excellence has gotten her to the point where she is now, and these qualities will be put into full effect in her junior season.

This year, the Lady Rattlers tennis team, just like all other athletic teams for Rancho Mirage, is in a new league which was created to increase competitiveness; the Desert Empire League. The league consists of Rancho Mirage, Shadow Hills, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and La Quinta, two of which the Lady Rattlers have already played and defeated.

As for Zoe, she is not worried about the new league or any expectations placed on her. Her main focus is getting better as an individual and helping her team win.

“I feel super confident in this season,” says Kolytiris. “We still have fantastic and strong players and our team keeps on growing and growing. For the rest of [the season], I want to work on how I can improve and what I can do to help the team reach the CIF finals again.”