Digicom Symposium Field Trip

Olivet Gutierrez , reporter

On Wednesday February 27, the journalism class went to the Palm Springs Cultural Center. Digicom held a symposium for students that are interested in filmmaking or documentaries. The films are all documentary based made by amazing students and professional directors. The films are inspirational in all different types ways. Some journalism students followed by Mrs. O’grady student joins along.

The films were made in very different styles and were very made for different reasons. But they had one thing in common, to inspire and inform. Journalism is to keep people aware. So it was great for the journalism students to see these documentary films. Digicom is an educational program for students and teacher to learn how to use digital storytelling for their classroom all around the the valley. The Symposium had films from students that has to important topic form the recent news that has impacted people or there family.

All the films captivate people true feelings. A documentary film show two sides of a story and have it impacted their life, someone else life or a community in a whole. The films were an array of topic. Some were about family, hardship, or showing who you really are inside. Each film had a powerful message to tell. The directors came to talk about their experiences making the documentary and what inspired them to film their documentaries. After the directors of the films are done explaining there films, The students were able to ask questions are give comments about the films.

Everyone had a hour break to eat lunch and to talk to some directors about the films and give more input on what might be coming up next for them. Then after the lunch the students once again entered the theatre to watch the remaining films.