Black History Month at Rancho Mirage High School

Black History Month is a period of time to reflect on what civil rights, technological, musical and athletic advances African Americans have impacted on the country. The accomplishments of Black Americans are often overlooked because of the foundation of racism our society was built on. The month of February is dedicated to uplifting these people and talking about the accomplishments they have made.

People like civil rights leaders, Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks are paired with current public figures such as Serena Williams and Jay Z. The things these people have in common is the impact they’ve had on black culture and how they brought to America a conversation about how they’re treated in this country.

Rancho Mirage High School has decided to celebrate Black History Month by allowing students to create a “commercial” about their favorite African American figure who they’ve felt have positively influenced the way we look at black culture. These videos are featured on the Rattler Report every week and are about 2-3 minutes long and showcase the specific person’s background and achievements. Another way we celebrate is BSU’s “soul week” where everyday on the week starting February 25th students can dress as the day’s theme, avoiding cultural appropriation of course, and show their pride and support in black culture and history.