New Zealand Gun Policy

Dan Meloy, News Editor

After the horrific mass shooting on March 15th at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, New Zealand was quick and swift in the ban of all assault type guns, which made many Americans ask; why hasn’t something like this been implemented here in the United States? Even though our governments are vastly different, New Zealand being a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government while the United States is a democratic republic, and even though the Second Amendment is in place, many people are saying that we should enact a similar bill here.

Because of the extreme increase of mass shootings here in America, many people feel as if our government hasn’t been taking enough of a stand against gun violence, especially when it comes to school shootings. School shootings, in particular, have become too common, and after seeing New Zealand take such a swift stand against it, students here at Rancho Mirage High School have started to wonder about the same question asked above, and why the government appears to be favoring guns over students’ lives.

Although many people still firmly believe in the Second Amendment and that the freedom to own an assault type firearm is a right, many individuals, in particular students, are starting to feel as if their safety is being put on the line because of this freedom. After seeing New Zealand’s government take action after one horrific event, it has been unclear as to why the United States hasn’t, even with the extreme amount of similar mass shootings. This leads many people to the questions; does the government care more about individual freedom, or individual life? And how many more mass shootings will it take before government officials stop “sending thoughts and prayers”, and start taking action like New Zealand has?