RMHS Career Center

Mia Alexander , Reporter

Rancho Mirage High School consists of six different counselors whose jobs are to assist and cater to students needs. The counseling department lead is Mr. Mendez who is responsible for Alpha: A-B, AVID Program, and ELD I and II. Ms. Valenzuela who is responsible for Alpha: I – Ra and the RACE Academy. Mrs. Campbell who is responsible for Alpha: C-H and Advanced Performing Arts. Mr. Solis who is responsible for Alpha: Re-Z and the CAFE Academy. The supporting counseling staff members Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Henderson focus more towards Prevention Specialists and ​Career Guidance Specialists.
The career center located in RMHS Media Center is a place where students are offered further guidance when deciding which colleges they should apply to and what subjects to major in. Once entering the Career Center, you’re greeted by Mrs. Henderson who is the schools’ Career Guidance Specialist at RMHS. Mrs. Henderson’s office (Career Center) is filled with a variety of colors and lots of college pennants ranging from Grand Canyon University to University California Berkeley. After having a conversation with Mrs. Henderson on what the purpose of having a career center was, I discovered how she truly is the stepping stone that allows students to find their way down the path that leads into their future.
Happened into education, she started off in preschool and then as a senior paraprofessional. Mrs. Henderson states, “ When Miss Emery retired, I decided since it was something that I would already kind of help kids with and they would ask me questions about school or different things for the future, I thought you know why not try to see what happens.”
Mrs. Henderson mainly works with is scholarships, whether it be helping kids find scholarships, applying for scholarships, and recently has been helping students with applying for College of the Desert and the Edge program as well. Staying on the topic of scholarships, she proceeded to inform me on how if they did not complete the scholarship application, she typically refers them to the career center website which she is consistent with updating. Mrs. Henderson spends the majority of school hours in the Career Center so you can’t miss her! She will be anxiously awaiting advice and proper guidance.