School Lunches

Giovanny Leon Ocegueda, Reporter

Every person needs proper nutrition in order to strive and survive. Students especially since they constantly have to keep moving and going all day. For this reason, having proper nutrition is a key objective in schools by serving us free (depending on which school you go too) food. Students line up in lunch lines to get their choice of foods and meals in order to get the nutrients needed to go on. Schools have done this for the longest time and during that time the schools’ lunch menus have changed throughout history.

Our menus here at Rancho Mirage High School is relatively new, yet these recent years the food menu has become something else. The menu consisting of typical food like pizza, burgers, sandwiches, fries, etc. has had some raised eyebrows from students. Several students have claimed that the food isn’t actually as good with suspiciously smelling foods, and weird tasting items. These problems aren’t everything though some students really like our food. These two ideals clash so I will find out for myself, if Students like our food, what other food items they’d recommend, and or if we should redo our menu in a whole.

Asking students around campus they all seem to follow the trend of having not liked the food actually. Some students, such as Ismael Flores (12) had less positive things to say about the quality of our food. “The food at best is decent. The meat for the chicken patties is very plain, and it can only really be made better with ketchup. That’s another thing, a lot of the food you need to put something on there to make it have more flavor. A lot of the food is just plain.”

Another student, Brendan Lewis (12) shared his tale how he once had broccoli and it smelled less than appetizing. “When I had gotten the broccoli from the lunchroom, I thought it would’ve been just fine, passable but when I opened it up and it smelled like poop. No, really it smelled like it, I’m not sure if that is very accurate but it really was a bad smell. Not only that but most of the time the broccoli feels like you’re eating rubber. Why does it smell bad AND taste like rubber?”

Both these students are not alone on the matter, some students sometimes just even refuse to eat lunch, despite our lunch basically being a free meal. When asking students what kind of foods should be served on our menu instead, they didn’t even want more food from this school. They want quality over quantity, they want foods that actually taste good, that can give you proper nutrients; not to mention food that doesn’t look like it was kept refrigerated and then heated up in an oven just to serve to us every day. The school food honestly needs an overhaul according to students. Students thinking take a weekend or as much needed to change our menu, make it better. Students should get food that they would like, and that can give them better nutrition.